Accessories Academy Overview

Brightstar started the Accessories Academy to expand on the already outstanding results our clients have seen from our distribution management and to accelerate their sell through with training and promotion programs. We realize that every business has different needs, and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not always effective. Training and education are an ongoing necessity, and we are here to guide you in that process.

Accessories Academy Logo

Training Philosophy

The Accessories Academy is committed to providing a world-class training experience to help our clients reduce risks, maximize profits, and sustain success. Through self-directed online training courses, personalized on-site training, and strategically planned road shows, our training programs are aligned with both proactive seeding and promotional efforts that are designed to bring the largest return, drive revenue, and increase efficiency.

Case Studies

Sales Foundations Online Training

  • Before starting their Sales Foundations program, United Cellular had a baseline attachment rate of 0.69 and an average accessory profit of $11.81. Within the first thirty days of launch, they experienced an increase of 47% in average accessory profit, a lift that was sustained through the months of September and October. Their Operations Manager described their results in the following way: “We have seen a 60% increase in accessory dollars per box since we began our Sales Foundations program. This is a result in increased inventory and absolutely increased knowledge of accessories at the sales rep level.” -United Cellular

Retail Therapy Onsite Training

  • Before training, Trip-Corp had an average Attachment Rate of .9, which went up to an average of 1.34 after training. One location in particular increased their Attachment Rate by 1.28! Not only did their Attachment Rates go up, but results were immediately seen; in fact, these numbers were captured just 10 days after training! At the end of the month, 9 of their 10 locations had experienced an average Attachment Rate lift of .44. -Tri-Corp Wireless


Don’t just take our word for it – See what our clients have had to say about our training programs!

  • “Thank you very much for the training course, in the past few days my accessories numbers have jumped tremendously!”
  • “It’s a great tool [Sales Foundations] to use to learn about products you sell in your store, and selling techniques to use to really WOW the customers and get more profit earned for yourself.”
  • “It [Sales Foundations was extremely informative and helped recently for several sales!”
  • “Definitely helpful, should be required for any wireless sales consultant.”