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How Did We Get So Attached To Our Cell Phones?

It’s a mobile world. But have you taken a moment to really think about how attached to your cell phone you have become? Sure you can look around at any restaurant, any waiting room, even walking down the street and find people scrolling through their latest feed, but have you thought about what else they might be doing with their little electronic genius? Here’s a quick schedule that highlights how entrenched in our daily activities our mobile phones have become.

5:00 AM – Alarm clock on your cell phone goes off. Tap to snooze. Decide that it’s way too cold to leave the bed, crank up the heat on your Wi-Fi enabled thermostat directly from cell phone.

5:05 AM – Alarm clock goes off again. Tap to snooze. Another few minutes in bed will give you just the time needed to brew that perfect cup of coffee. Tap the app that connects to your coffee pot and begin the brew.

5:10 AM – Alarm clock goes off again. Silence. Hop out of bed and grab coffee. Catch up on what your crazy friends did last night via Facebook and review your overly packed schedule for the day, all on that 4.7” screen in the palm of your hand.

5:30 AM – Grab running gear, strap phone into armband, connect Bluetooth headset, start MapMyRun and away you go . . .

6:15 AM – Protein shake. Nothing high tech here. Powder, Milk, Shake, Drink. But you do log that drink in the latest health tracking software. Review workout summary on phone, pledge to do better next time.

6:22 AM – Warm up shower using Wi-Fi enabled shower. What? You can’t be expected to step into a lukewarm shower. Unheard of.

6:23 AM – Check the weather for the day to plan for your outfit.

7:00 AM – Set GPS on your phone to help you find your first customer appointment and avoid all the traffic. Leave house.

7:05 AM – Take call from mom worried that you’re the accident they are talking about on the news. Assure mom you are alive, 10 times over again. Proceed to be guilt tripped into a dinner this weekend.

7:07 AM – Pretend you are going through a tunnel. Bye mom. Vow to come up with an elaborate excuse for missing dinner.

7:30 AM – Arrive at customer site. Check email. Check messages.

7:32 AM – “Did I close the garage?” Check app.

7:33 AM – “Did I turn the heat back down?” Check app.

7:34 AM – “Did I turn the lights off?” Check app

9:00 AM – Present to customer using mobile projector connected to none other than, you guessed it, your cell phone.

10:00 AM – Break time. Start dinner in your Wi-Fi enabled crock pot. Check email. Check messages.

12:00 PM – Check to see what the dog is doing via your home camera. Nothing exciting there.

12:05 PM – Catch up on the latest episode of House of Cards via your Netflix app.

12:55 PM – Don’t forget to log that 5,000 calorie burger and fries you just inhaled.

1:00 PM – Deposit check by simply taking a picture of it and uploading it to your banking app.

4:45 PM – Turn the heat back on via app before you head home.

5:30 PM – Home at last. Connect phone to Bluetooth speaker and play music while prepping dinner.

7:00 PM – Collapse onto the couch after a long day. See that the remote is half way across the room. No worries, your phone can change the channels for you too.

9:45 PM – Head to bed. Check to be sure your front door is locked and all sensors are armed.

10:00 PM – Toss your phone onto the wireless charger. Nighty night.

In this world of immediate gratification, consumers are consistently demanding more from their mobile devices. Manufacturers are constantly innovating to find the next great thing to connect to Wi-Fi home security to photography to banking, if there isn’t an app that supports it, success will be nearly impossible. Think about it the next time you reach for your phone to look up a phone number (we used to have these things called phone books) or listen to the latest tunes (we used to have portable cassette players) or read the current best seller (we used to have books, with pages and covers); this device that fits in your pocket has replaced all of that and more. So what’s next? You can be sure that whatever it is, you’ll likely be able to control it from the palm of your hand.

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