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Accessories Academy: A Moment Of Reflection

This year was a year of expansion and reinvention for Accessories Academy.

Quick Launch was an area of expansion throughout the year. Prior to 2015, only 13 dealers were participating in the program; however, we are currently sitting at 43 dealers enrolling employees. Though Quick Launch was offered at no cost, it packed a lot of value into just five courses. Dealers that had a Quick Launch training completion percentage greater than 75% experienced an average lift in attachment rate of 13% and an average lift in accessory profitability of 14%.

We reinvented a few of our onsite trainings this year. Retail Therapy was a reinvention of our onsite sales trainings, as it was the first training program where we leveraged specific data points and dealer narrative to develop customized content focused on alleviating the pain points the dealer was experiencing. This particular training had some major impact, and one dealer in particular had wonderful success with this particular training solution. After participating in a train-the-trainer version of our Retail Therapy at the end of February, nine of this dealer’s ten locations immediately experienced an average lift in attachment rate of .44 just 10 days after the training.

This year we also made the decision to restructure our curriculum for our Accessory Training Road Show to create some variety, as well as having a deeper focus on the products and building relationships between our dealer and vendor partners. The 2015 ATRS did not disappoint when it came to giveaways, knowledge, a little fun, and, of course, a lift in sales. Customers that attended the 2015 Road Show experienced a 23% lift in their sell thru numbers within 30 days following the session. We are looking forward to another successful Accessory Training Road Show in the spring.

But we didn’t just stop there. Our Jump Start program also experienced some reinventions as well. This year we restructured our online, Jump Start training program to be customizable based upon the dealer’s stock model which allows for a reduction in training time and ensures relevancy of courses. This program was also expanded upon with the full utilization of detailed reporting to provide additional insights for our dealer partners into their businesses. We also launched our Accessories Academy portal in February as a new approach to seed trainees with product after the completion of a promotion or training program. This unveil has been met with nothing but positive responses and excitement. We look forward to continuing to build upon this platform in the coming year with additional partnerships with our vendors, as well as the continued reinvention of our online trainings with the launch of a new online learning system in early 2016.

Next year will continue to be a year of expansion and we are extremely excited for you to see everything we have been working on throughout the year. We are looking forward to deepen our relationships with our dealer partners in 2016. Thank you for a great year!


Tanna White
Manager, Client Training


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