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The Accessories Academy Road Show Recap

The Accessories Academy Road Show kicked-off in Omaha, Nebraska on March 26, 2015 and ended on June 18th in Fremont, California. The tour schedule included visits to 16 cities and 14 states. In total, 395 individuals attended the Road Show representing 50 Sprint clients, and 1374 Sprint dealer doors.

The goal of the Road Show was to provide a unique opportunity for dealer Principles, Buyers, and Store Managers to participate in a full-day workshop and teach them proven methods and practices that would transform accessory sales into a significant source of revenue. The results were impressive. For the brands represented in the road show, attending Sprint dealers saw a 15.3% lift in Sold Thru. The Sprint customers that did not attend saw a 4.6% lift in Sold Thru for the same brands.

One of the main focuses of the Road Show was to speak to dealers about modifying their mindset to focus more on selling accessories instead of focusing primarily on the latest and greatest phone. An hour was also dedicated to go over the GRACE selling strategy and talk about the different personas that could walk into a wireless store, and how to sell to them.

Platinum sponsors for the event included Gadget Guard, Liquipel, Powerocks, and NiteIze. Other sponsors include Jabra, Boombotix, Speck, Adopted, Otterbox, eSecuritel, Griffin, Belkin, Body Glove, Incipio, Trident, Kenu, and WeBoost.

Those who attended the 2015 Accessories Academy Road Show were impressed with the content and the experience. Kashif Khalil, a Buyer for Connectivity Source, had this to say about the Road Show, “I have always received great service from the Brightstar team.The Road Show was very informative and the vendor participation was great. The field received a lot of great best practices, and were excited about putting them in to action.” Following her experience at the Road Show, Kristen Nemececk, Inventory Analyst for Wireless Lifestyle, shared these comments, “I really enjoyed meeting the vendors. The presentations and demonstrations really helped support our decision to buy certain products, and instilled confidence in the field to sell products they believed in.” And 97% of attendees said they would be very likely to attend another Road Show training event in the future.

The Road Show was another unique opportunity for the Brightstar training team to get to work closely with the Sprint dealer channel to continue to help drive profitability into their doors through our training programs and expertise. The Chief Operations Officer of N Touch agrees saying, “These events are outstanding for our sales associates and serve to understand the respective vendors far better with respect to their individual capabilities,” and Ricky Collazo, District Manager for Connectivity Source added “Great Vendors, Great Material.”

Thank You to all of the vendors and attendees of the Road Show. The feedback we received, and the relationships we formed will help us create more unique opportunities to work with the Sprint dealer channels, and drive profitability.

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